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Interior Design Consultation

Charmaine is passionate about making a house a home. She believes that the best homes are those that have had thought and care put in to them. Charmaine loves to play with colour and pattern and is inspired by both current trends and classic designs.

Package deal



  • Consultation and taking a brief

  • Conceptual design: Mood board, research, designing a colour palette

  • Floor planning- spatial design/floor plan re-design if needed

  • Sourcing- Charmaine will provide a range of furniture and fabric options, with a range of prices, to suit her client's needs. All specifications will be included (website, link to item, shipping time, aftercare, etc.)

  • Personalised sourcing document and final personalised items document. 

  • Final proposed design presented as 3D Renders or hand drawings. 

At the end of working with Charmaine, you will have an exact design of your dream home, with every piece of information at hand and organised just for you; furniture, accessories, paint, redesigned floor plan, contact details, price list, sourcing documents. You will have all the means to carry out designing your perfect home!

To enquire more about package price and Charmaine's availability, please email her at

Estimated price per room £500 (price not including 3D renders); price negotiation possible for small projects or projects with multiple rooms. 

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